WILDLIFE! returns to Mixpak Records with “Ballads”, the continuation of a series that began with “Patterns” (2016) and “Anima” (2017). Drawing from a wide array of influences, from experimental electronic music and ambient to rap and R&B, the record’s palette wavers between grimy gray-on-gray and overblown kodachrome.

Collaborators Ian Isiah and GAIKA float through almost unrecognizably on “Frontline” and “IX”, while elsewhere, heavily processed vocal samples surface from digital hiss, scuffed-up synths, and gritty drum shards.

Hazy and kaleidoscopic, “Ballads” blurs the lines of sonic worlds, while drawing connections between past and present, experimental and pop.

Mixpak Records, 2019



Art direction by Miguel Gaydosh

This record was made possible with generous support from the Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia, Kultur Stadt Bern, SWISSLOS Kultur Kanton Bern, Burgergemeinde Bern and Migros Culture Percentage.